The Password

"Password?" came the booming Voice, which appeared to emanate from swirling white clouds around the gates that I stood up to my knees on a misty cloud in front of.


"Password?" I asked, puzzled as to what had just happened.


"Password!" insisted The Voice.


"Pardon?" I still sounded confused.


"No, that won't do at all," The Voice sounded quite pissed off. "Didn't they tell you that your password must be made up from letters, numbers and other characters, the ones I call the squiggly bits?"


"No. Sorry. Nobody said nothing about any password."


"Damnation! Nobody does what they are supposed to around here any more! Right, what's your name?!"


I could hear a nib being dipped into ink and the surplus scraped off on the side of the bottom, not that there was anything to see. Amazing the things that remind you of your childhood this late in my life.


"Russell Charles Atkins," I recited, "Usually known as 'Charlie'."


"You're not on my list." The Voice, wherever it was coming from, sounded exasperated.


"Ah. Is that a good or ...

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Tony Spencer
Jul 18 2020

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