Escape (part 1)

Time stood still when the lights went out.  She froze as she heard the clattering of crockery and the sense of movement right next to her in this pitch-black room.  A flinch, as a chair moved and scraped along the parquet floor. She tried to stay as calm and silent as she could, but was convinced that the sound of her heart thumping with fear, could be heard.

Petrified she silently felt for the hand of the person sat next to her.  The hand held hers tightly, not reassuringly, more in a terrified way.  Just from the holding of hands each could feel the tension of the other. Feeling her way up his arm to his ear she leant close to him and whispered in an almost inaudible voice, ‘should we hide under the table?’.

She flinched again as something moved on the table right in front of her.  A goblet, cutlery or was it a candlestick?  She was completely still and realised that she hadn’t taken a breath for a while. 

More clattering now, but from the far side of the room.  The gentleman’s hand grabbed her arm and gently manoeuvred her under the table.  Making as little noise as possible, there they sat holding each other whilst the noises whirled around the room.  They heard...

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Tracy Windross
Jul 15 2020

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