Time Stood Still

Time stood still as the lights went out. I couldn’t see or hear a thing. What was more disturbing was that I couldn’t hear my own heartbeat. I felt for my pulse in my neck. Nothing, was I dead but could still move? My eyes were closed mid-blink. I willed them reopen and I could see.

I was exactly where I had been, sitting in the kitchen of my house, alone. The morning sun flooded through the windows, my coffee still hot to touch and taste but didn’t ripple as I took the cup away from my lips with shaky hand.

I tipped the cup, a bit at first, but then upside down and the liquid didn’t run out. I put it down and I could hear it hit the table, but the sound was slowed right down. I could still hear it as I listened to anything else, the tick of the clock, the hum of the fridge, but heard nothing else.

I went outside into the garden. There was no wind, no bird song. I walked down the gap between the houses onto the road, a rat-run normally noisy with traffic and thick with fumes.

I could still smell the fumes but cars, buses and drivers were still. I walked down to Main Street, 200 metres away. Amazingly, pedestrians had their leading foot hovering in the air.

A little girl had her ...

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Tony Spencer
Jul 13 2020

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"Time didn't quite stand still, but was wobbling on the spot..." I love this idea! It makes me think of the days when pausing a VHS video cassette and everything on the screen jiggled about!

Paul Sterlini
Jul 23 2020