Dead Sheep

I got home from the City and found a dead sheep on my doorstep.

It’s not that strange really, for my family it's normal. My eldest, Jack Jones, stuffs dead stuff, he's been a hobby taxidermist for over a decade, since seeing a stuffed mouse tableau in a glass jar.

What was unusual was me being at home Friday lunchtime. All due to the Covid-19 Lockdown and finding no-one at home. Fortunately I'm not "furloughed", just forced into home-working.

My wife Jill’s a hospital administrator, so probably busy ordering PPE.

Schools are closed except for essential NHS workers. Our kids being school age will allow me to work undisturbed.

I baked choc-chip cookies.

Jennifer, my 11-year-old was first home, just as the oven chimed "cookies done". Her hobby’s embroidery; hanging in my garden shed, with attached smoker, one of her samplers, "Keep Calm & Smoke", a constant source of joy and pride.

"Doh! Daddy, not my sheep, it's difficult removing oils, fats, drying and dyeing, before wool can be spun into yarn. Thumbs-up to the wool shop!"

Oh well, worth asking. She disappeared with milk and cookies.

In the fridge was a fresh chicken for dinner, which I roa...

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Tony Spencer
Jul 13 2020

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