Unmarried Mothers' Home

As the spring arrived that year,

I left all that which I held dear,

Gently being urged to stay

At a temporary hideaway.


The social worker led me in,

An ordinary girl in sin,

Bearing treasure from my crime 

Of last year's careless summertime.


This was a house of quite some size,

In a normal street, with no disguise,

And during the time I went to stay,

Many girls would pass that way.


But if I went there in disgrace,

I found, at least, a friendly place,

A home to work and rest and play,

And live on three good meals a day.


And though the time was slow to pass,

The day was bound to dawn at last,

When came the child from whom I'd part,

With love designed to try my heart.


For life is not an easy ride,

No matter what you feel inside,

It doesn't always go your way,

And sometimes there's a price to pay.


And later, as we sat alone

In that unmarried mothers' home,

I told my child, with aching heart, 


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Helen Reed
Jul 7 2020

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