Willa the Wasp

Willa the Wasp


Willa the Wasp jumped on Winona as soon as she entered the paper thin nest that was home. Willa noticed a smear of jam on Winona’s antenna, it almost made her gag. Sugar! Agh! She hated sugar.


"Hey, Winny, I want a quick word—"


"Are you telling Mum that I didn’t wipe all my six feet coming in? Cos if you do...." Winny shook a warning fist at her sister.


"No, Win, nothing like that, I just want to know if the sunshine today has brought out the picnickers in the park?"


"Yeah, a few, not as many as usual and they're really spacing themselves out. Quite strange, but the space makes it really easy to fly into them in formation, spot the sweet stuff on the way in and hit them hard. New Squadron Leader Weslee had us in a ‘W’ formation to make the most of the space."


"What? Both Black and Yellow Wings dived in together?"


"Yeah, crazy huh?"


Willa nodded, usually Yellow Wing attack first in ‘V’s, buzzing as loud as they could, to panic the picnickers into scattering, then Black Wing went in as Skirmishers to make the most of the abandoned cake c...

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Tony Spencer
Jul 6 2020

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