Goodbye Kiss



"That's eight years wasted, Paul," the young man hissed, "I couldn't get through to Liu that the slime-ball bastard just wanted to get himself into her panties. Michelle told you everything, did she?"


"She only told me that you'd got marriage troubles, Rory," the older man replied, setting down the glasses of beer, "Michelle's changed things around on the rota to give you a couple nights off. I'm doing your night shift tomorrow, and Michelle's covering tonight for you. So, spill the beans, what's happened, mate?"


"This contractor, who's been doing some installation work in the hospital where Liu works as a nurse, has been chatting her up. It progressed to where they exchange texts and phone calls, even when I've been at home, and they meet up together at her tea-breaks. He's your age, actually, twice as old as she is, and admits he's married with a grown-up family, living up North. Liu thinks I'm being overprotective and insists that there's no funny business, he's only giving her marriage advice."


"For how long has this been going on?"


"Four months or so. The bastard installed some laboratory testing equip...

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Tony Spencer
Jul 2 2020

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