The Bear and the Wolves

Once, there was a bear. She was good at looking at things in different ways and wasn’t afraid to try new things, so the other bears would come to her for help and advice and she became a teacher of bears. Whenever she helped the other bears, she found that she always learnt important lessons from them too, and so as time went on, as well as growing older she also grew wiser.

In the river valley that was her home, there also lived a pack of wolves.  One day the wolves came to her and said “Bear, we are hungry because the humans have killed all the deer. There isn’t enough food for us here but we don’t want to leave this beautiful valley – will you help us?”

Until now the wolves and the bear had lived harmoniously side-by-side but had not spoken to each other so the bear knew little about the ways of wolves, but she knew they were clever and determined. She also knew that they were essential to the ecosystem of the valley, and the natural balance of things would be disturbed if they left, so she said “Yes, I will help you.” After all, she was old and wise and had much knowledge that she could share with the wolves.

The bear knew that although the deer had all been hunted, there were plentiful fish in...

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Nicki Davey
Jul 1 2020

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