Lunchboxes, Laundry and lift off !

There is a woman who delivers laundry and lunchboxes to rockets. That’s what she does; she makes the meals and makes sure the laundry is clean. She used to have her own adventures flying off around the world and sparkling amongst the stars, and she dreams of doing so once again. Her dreams eat her up night and day, but she is always tired out by the constant lunchboxes and laundry.  She has two astronauts in training who are about to qualify and get their own rockets to launch off in. Any day now they will be gone – zooming off to their own planets and adventures.

So today she is delivering laundry and lunchboxes to a little rocket she see’s to every week, the young astronauts are tagging along as they have a few days off Space College. They all go into the little rocket and make sure the clean space suits are stacked in the airing cupboard and the lunches put in the fridge. Suddenly the door slams and locks, they are all three trapped inside the rocket. It shudders as the engine starts and they realise to their horror it’s about to launch and take off. The rocket lifts and the woman says “strap in young astronauts, the screen says we are off to the distant planet of Zog, it’s going to be a long journey”

To ...

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Louisa Potter
Jun 30 2020

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