Dream Car

Caroline Bagshaw rested her head on the leather-covered steering wheel and wept. Her dream life, apparently so perfect two years previously, with a loving husband and two successful children. Now she was alone, dealing with the funeral of her father.


The wrong side of fifty, she had been betrayed by her faithless husband and disappointed in her two boys, who saw nothing wrong in their father’s betrayal. In fact they followed his footsteps; both their marriages also crash wrecks.


Caroline discovered that her wealthy husband had affairs with her so-called friends, who all covered for him as he worked his way through them. They turned out to be HIS friends not hers.


Now, a year after the divorce, her father died, the funeral held today. All the guests had recently departed, leaving her alone in his house, with his old car parked in the drive.


Her eldest son, Adam, was curt with his grieving mother. "You're clearing Pop's house, Mum, at least you could've dumped this old wreck before everyone came back for the wake."


"That was your grandfather's dream car, Adam. When your grandma passed, long before you were born, she left ...

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Tony Spencer
Jun 30 2020

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