A Coffee Lover's Dream: Enjoy a Small Slice to Get Your Daily Fix

Saw the above advert, bought the cake.  As you can see there is one slice missing.  I’ve eaten it.  Eaten it expecting to get a fix, but I didn’t.  It didn’t fix anything.  All it did was make me want another piece.  But that is what a ‘fix’ is, isn’t it?  Whether it’s an alcoholic fix, a drug fix, or a food fix, all are addictions.  All are false fixes.


I’m looking at the cake in all its glory, it’s tempting me, teasing me.  I can almost hear it saying, ‘Come on take another piece of me. I will, fix you!  I will fix whatever is broken inside you.  I smile.  It’s lying and I know it’s lying.  Yet I’m tempted.  I sit reflect and contemplate.  


All my life I’ve used something outside of me to mend my broken parts.  I’ve used alcohol, cigarettes and now this piece of cake – one piece will not be enough, now I’ve started, I know I will eat the whole bloody lot.  Or maybe not.  Today I will say no and tomorrow NO! NO! NO!  Why, because I am no longer broken.  I have healed.  Time, perseverance and kindness to myself have healed the broken parts.  All parts glued together with self-love.


So, my beautiful coffee cake, you’re going in the bin where you belong.  The only ...

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Eileen O'Reilly
Jun 27 2020

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