The Lockdown

She had always been the life and soul of the party; always at the top of the guest list, though that was often because it was her party. 


When she was invited to other people’s events, she never declined. Weddings, birthdays, dinner parties; whatever it was, friends knew that Freya would always be there, always dressed to impress, always shining. 


Freya the reliable, Freya the sociable, Freya the friend of friends. Freya who had more than 600 connections on Facebook and many more on Instagram. 


Life for Freya was busy. She was never alone; always surrounded by the noise of the crowd, whether online or offline.


And then came lockdown. It arrived without warning, one Saturday, as a third pandemic swept the world. She awoke, hungover from the previous night’s revelries and grabbed her phone. As she did every morning, she clicked first on the familiar white F on blue background and waited for her timeline to appear. How many likes had her picture posted on the way home received? Who had liked it? Who, more importantly, hadn’t?  


The App wouldn’t load. She closed it and tried again. A familiar flickering wheel briefly appear...

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Rod Webb
Jun 27 2020

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Indeed a great lesson I think we should all learn! (Although I'm aware of the irony of me hitting the "like" button!)
Love your last line!

Paul Sterlini
Sep 25 2020