“What’s my father done to the mortals now, Juno?” Minerva asked.

“I haven’t said anything about Jupiter or what mortals you’re referring to, Min,” Juno sounded exasperated, “What makes you think Jupiter’s done anything?”

“You show up at my door for the first time in 2000 years, so who else could it be? It’s either Jupiter, the mortals or both.”

“Both,” Juno admitted. “He was obsessed with them for a couple of thousand years, playing with every detail of their lives and then he abandons them to their own devices, for two millennia, while he does... Gods only know what!”

“And I suppose you’ve been keeping an eye on the mortals all this time?”

“Yes,” Juno concedes, “I’m obsessed with them, they’re so resilient, stumbling from disaster to disaster, yet achieve so much considering their lifespan’s so short.”

“We can’t all be immortal, Juno, where would we find space for everyone?”

“I know, I know, I just love their feisty indomitable spirit. Nothing seems to faze them.”

“So what have they done this time to upset ‘The Mighty Jupiter’?”

“It’s his own fault, he left a spiritual vacuum behind when he abandoned them. A few minor gods, just kids real...

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Tony Spencer
Jun 22 2020

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