What If...

‘You obviously weren’t listening were you.’

With reddened face and trembling fingers Stan recovered his story book as it slapped on the desk with the sharpness of Miss Stark’s sneer.

Some pupils looked then turned from ...

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Janette Ostle
Jun 17 2020

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I loved this story; it resonates quite loudly

Jennifer Lucas
Aug 30 2020

Love this piece Janette, shame on the narrow minded teacher!

Donna Stephenson
Aug 5 2020

A great story, with some really important lessons about feedback.

Rod Webb
Jul 8 2020

Lovely. Such an inspiring piece of writing.

Tracy Windross
Jun 28 2020

Very powerful - absolutely love it!

Paul Sterlini
Jun 22 2020

I enjoyed this very much, it was bice to the teacher getting her comeuppance.

Tony Spencer
Jun 20 2020

I enjoyed this, very thought provoking 😁
Love it when the underdog gets his karma

Tracey Lister
Jun 20 2020

Wow! So beautifully written!

Lily Larkin
Jun 19 2020