Bursting Bubbles


“Hello Gina, I’m —”
“I know, Major Brian Raymond Wilson. Carol sent me Brian’s email, the one he had his solicitors sent to you that you discovered after leaving hospital.”
“Sorry for your loss, Gina. I didn’t know about our daughter Alexandria. Carol explained Mark’s garbled email to me. We had lost contact for years, so he'd had it sent to my Regiment; they printed it out and put it in with my Get Well cards. Carol thought I shouldn’t see the email until I was released from rehab and mobile on my new legs.”
“Carol said that she’d recognised you at hospital after your Afghanistan repatriation last year, and that you were bearing my Brian’s name.”
“My name, not Mark’s, er ‘Your Brian’s’. I didn’t recognise Carol at the hospital from all those years ago, even after we became lovers, being a doctor.”
“Please don’t tell Alex that you’re her real father yet, Brian’ll always be remembered by her as her wonderful ‘Dad’.”
“Okay, no, of course I won’t. Can I be her ‘Uncle Ray’ instead?” I asked.
“Sure,” Gina smiled, her red eyes wet, “Why ‘Ray’?”
“Too many Brians at Sandhurst, so Lieutenant ‘Ray’ Wilson, sorta stuck. He was a famous footballer a long tim...

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Tony Spencer
Jun 17 2020

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