White Road to a White Wedding

White Road to a White Wedding

“Not a soul was visible on the hedgeless highway, or on either side of it, and the white road seemed to ascend and diminish till it joined the sky.” [from Thomas Hardy “Jude the Obscure”, Book 1, opening chapter 3]


The white cement dust rose in clouds behind the classic MG sports car as Lizzy headed homewards. This was her first home visit in three years and she wasn’t looking forward to it. When she left, she swore it was the last time she would ever see the place. But her half-sister Molly was getting married at noon today and she was almost the only family Lizzy had left. She’d only opened the posted invitation the day before yesterday.


The ancient parish church of St Martin’s was atop a low hill, and had a single rather ancient car parked outside, although it gleamed with fresh wax polish in the bright sunshine. At ten minutes to twelve noon, Church Lane should have been packed with guests attending the planned wedding she had been invited to. Lizzy slammed her car door and determinedly marched up to the lych gate. There in the cool shade stood the Vicar, dressed in his best vestments, equally cool waiting.



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Tony Spencer
Jun 10 2020

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