A little lockdown survival saga

Lockdown is gradually becoming a fight.
I've put on weight and my hair looks shite.
I'm missing my family and don’t see my mates,
and never before have I got up so late.
I've busied myself most of the time.
Joined Pen48 and uploaded my rhymes.
I've cleaned out the garage and chucked loads of crap.
The bin men deserve a pat on the back.
I sorted the loft and organised stuff,
but when did I buy those furry handcuffs??
Though it's still full of stuff that ‘I need to keep’,
and my driveway’s become a garbage heap.
I jetwashed my patio and redid the mortar,
became a clapping for carers’ supporter.
My garden’s pristine, never looked so good.
It's now like the rest in our neighbourhood.
We picnicked on the drive to Celebrate VE,
ate cakes and drank gin in our sun shiney spree.
The festivals I’d booked didn’t go ahead,
so we camped out in the garden instead.
With music and booze and glo-lights in hand,
who needs a well-known No. 1 band!
We got out of breath by doing ‘Just Dance’,
was the video posted to friends perchance?
In my spare time I like to sew,
made so ma...

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Tracy Windross
Jun 9 2020

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