The Magician (part 6 of 7)




I slept with many a sweet dream in my head that night after meeting Ty and the few nights after. You know, I’ve been a miserable, lonely old bugger in my old age, since Mavis left me, twelve long years ago. I miss her so much. We had a lot of fun throughout our 46 years together but towards the end I let her down. All the magic I had at my fingertips and I couldn’t save her. Dying at 68 and in pain, is too soon nowadays for a lovely person who had been so full of life. Sure, I could give her a day free of pain, even day after day free of pain, but the agony always came back to hurt her more. Then one day she begged me not to try any longer. We accepted that I couldn’t save her life so we spent our last few days together, me trying to conceive how I would cope alone and she with accepting an end to the pain and utter helplessness and more worried about me getting by without her.


She always loved unicorns, so in her final hours I had a miniature flying unicorn hovering and circling over the bed. The look of wonder on her face made her more beautiful than she had been for twenty years and I did quietly take away her pain that last day.


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Tony Spencer
Jun 9 2020

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