The Magician (part 5 of 7)




"You’re a glutton for punishment." Moses shook his head and began, "My agent got me a cruise gig just at a time when I was starting to hate the constant travelling in the UK, Australia and North America."


"Hey, cruise ships are constantly on the move, man."


"Yes, I know," Moses chuckled, "but aboard ship your hotel room is constant and everything you need is within walking distance of your cabin, it’s travelling but without all the one-night stand upheaval. But this time they wanted a traditional magic cabaret stage act with magic trick stuff like sawing the assistant in half, throwing hatchets at a young scantily dressed lady on a revolving board, making her disappear after surrounding her with a curtain, all that kind of act. So I needed a permanent assistant."


"Ah, one that didn’t disappear overnight when you slept?"


"You got it. On board ship I couldn’t get away with using an imaginary assistant, which I had used for several years of one-night touring. I interviewed several candidates through my agent but Mavis came highly recommended, had worked the magic scene before, was pretty enough an...

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Tony Spencer
Jun 9 2020

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