The Magician (part 4 of 7)




In a flash they were sitting in comfortable canvas chairs on a blindingly white sandy beach, at a round table under an enormous umbrella; behind them a thick green jungle backdrop, in front of them the glorious vista of a deep blue lagoon, beyond which foaming waves crashing into a reef protecting the beach from the ocean beyond. The sky was red in the west, a glorious sunset in the offing. Beside them was a blazing fire made from a cairn of dry driftwood, giving off little if any smoke.


"Wow!" Ty's currently favourite word forming almost silently on his lips.


"Yes, lovely, isn’t it? I think we have about thirty to forty-five minutes of daylight left before we think about leaving. I come here a couple of times a week, usually first thing in the morning back home. I generally wake up about 5am, which is early afternoon here. I only come here for a couple of hours, soak up some vital vitamin D, it does me a world of good. The council health and welfare sends round a helper, actually one of several carers, to help me clean my house at about 9am three days a week, usually one of a team of three, and they get my grocery shop...

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Tony Spencer
Jun 9 2020

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