The Magician (part 2 of 7)




The old man looked to be almost on his last legs as he walked with the aid of a stick from the outside into the open thoroughfare of the enclosed town centre shopping centre. Under the weatherproof cover of the huge glass dome sheltering the two levels of shops, customers were able to seek their purchases in relative if crowded comfort. He took off his ancient leather hat and shook the fresh rain drops from the rim before looking around and checking his bearings. He looked as if he hadn’t been here for some time.


The slight upward curl to his lips seemed to register the faintest impression of satisfaction as he noticed that the elevators and escalators were running, probably pleased that he wouldn’t have to use the stairs if he needed any of the stores on the upper floors.


He stopped perusing his surroundings when his eyes alighted on a young man performing card tricks in front of a small audience of mostly children and parents, maybe a few silver-haired grandparents in the mix too. The old man's head slightly nodded as if recognising something from his past and then he shuffled forward towards the impromptu street entertai...

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Tony Spencer
Jun 9 2020

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