The Magician (part 1 of 7)



The magician had the huge glass tank filled to overflowing with thousands of litres of cold water, ready for the first dress rehearsal with the new line-up. He tossed the filler hose down and worked the two hinged tops back and forth, checking they fitted together, that the chains and manacles were secure on the hydraulic hoist. The magician ensured the lever operating the enveloping curtain mechanism was in working order, that the padlocks were hooked in place ready to close up and lock the artiste in place upside down and fully-immersed in the water-filled tank. Finally, he checked that the removable hinge pins were well greased and easy to slip out unnoticed prior to the escape act commencing.


All this was routine, a series of simple tasks that he had practiced many times in rehearsal and performed hundreds of times on stage, but what was happening next was anything but routine.


He descended the step ladder to the deck of the luxury liner’s large laundry room, where all the thousands of towels, bedsheets, kitchen and dining hall linens were washed daily. The laundry was fortuitously positioned on a deck below the waterline, immediately below but right...

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Tony Spencer
Jun 9 2020

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