Tailor's Dummies

I felt a shiver up me spine, I don't mind tellin' ya, soon as I saw them tailor's dummies. Fair put the willies right up me it did.

That explained why The Fence give us this job in the first place. No uvver bugger wanted it.

I mean, I don't do houses, much, me. No, not even much, I never do houses, never. This was a first fer me.

Shops, nice  big, plate glass winder shops is more me line, nice'n'easy-like. Old motors is easy to nick, the new electronic ignition wheels is even easier, but vans is me fav ev'ry time. Break in by ram-raidin' the front door or winder and load up the van quick, like. Then show a clean pair o' round rubber 'eels and get out afore anyone has a bleedin' clue. In, owt, ninety seconds tops, result. Bulk swag, crash'n'carry, that's me trademark. "Mode-us-upper-'and-I", I fink The Fence said me meffod was.

All this quiet, softly, softly creepin' about the place housebreakin', is specialist work, wiv furniture'n'stuff to fall over in the dark. Nah, not fer me. It needs someone a bit more suttle like. Like what The Panther did fer a livin'.

I knew The Panth, cos I did, saw 'im dahn The Fence's gaff loadsa times. Neat, tidy bloke who knocked orf only small high...

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Tony Spencer
Jun 9 2020

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