The Port


The Port

Arriving into the village with the windows rolled down, ready to take in the fresh sea air and familiar smells. Entering the mouth of the village, I breathe in that typical seaside smell emanating from the harbour. A sigh of relief marks the end of my long journey to the family caravan. The roborant treatment of fond child memories, fresh air, light and healthful roaming. No sooner have I arrived, parked and I am kicking off my shoes, pulling off my socks and tumbling down the wooden steps to the beach. Taking a giant leap into the warm, soft sand, I scrunch it through my toes and can feel my accumulated stress wafting away on the fresh sea breeze.

Time to check the condition of the old caravan. Apprehensively, I open the door to that familiar musty smell. The thought runs through my mind “if only I could stay here forever”, There are very fond memories of holidays here, this caravan was part of my upbringing and helped shape me into who I am, this caravan is a second home. Laying down with a glass of wine and a book, it’s bliss.  I’m not expecting Susan for another two days, time to get reacquainted with this village.


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Suina Rogers
Jun 7 2020

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