The Naughty Step

“Alright sweethearts, one bedtime story, then it’s beddiebyes time,” their grandmother insisted, as she tucked the youngest girls in immediately after supper, “and be quiet, darlings, your Mummy’s sleeping.”


“Oh, Naaaan, I’m missing —” 


Grandmother tut-tutted. The eldest child Arthur was always the loudest to protest, but usually the first to fold. “Now, Art, I don’t want any arguments,” she whispered. "Tomorrow you can stay up, watch whatever you wanted to watch on ... whatever that thingabob’s called.”


“iPlayer, Nan,” Art grinned. He knew his Nan wasn’t good with technical terminology, despite her computer maintenance skills. He had to admit, she was a whizz repairing the old PC that Dad had always promised to fix but never got around to fixing. She’d even upgraded its operating system, RAM and video card to run the latest games. Brilliant was Nan, but knew nothing about tuning TVs or the DVD. Perhaps she’ll do a TV course next year; she did several courses at once: Keeping her brain working, she said.


“What bedtime story have you got for us, Nana?” young Jessica asked excitedly, once she was tucked in.


“I have a new ...

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Tony Spencer
Jun 2 2020

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