String and continental shopping

Chapter 1


A warning to all: avoid using [supermarket in Town] at the moment if you can.

I've just got back from a truly awful shopping trip.

Having queued up, patiently and socially distancing, as I neared the entrance a shop worker clipped a carabiner onto the belt loop of my jeans, my perplexed expression must have said it all as she explained that whilst people are distancing in the queue outside, they aren't distancing once inside the store.

So what some Donut has dreamt up is to rope 6 or so customers together with 2m of rope between each of us WTAF.


Well these are strange times and with the threat of a second wave of infection I thought I'd best not complain and just tow the line (so to speak).

I'm telling you now, what an absolute fucking idiotic idea this is. We've negotiated our way in to the store, some with trolleys and others trying to grab a basket before the berserk conga line drags them away.

I was near the middle of the rope picking up some veg, the woman at the front, who was trussed up like a kid in a harness was trying to drag the whole line to the apples and the bloke at the back trying to pull the other way to get ...

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David Sargent
May 31 2020

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