"Look, Henry, all I am saying is, we are playing two characters who are deeply in love and they have a very hot sex scene in the second act, so we need to be convincing lovers for the audience."


"I know all that, Audrey," Henry said, "I've read the manuscript, twice, and my part through twice more since we were selected for the roles."


"It's a big part for you, Henry."


"I know, it's the biggest role I've ever played, I just hope I can deliver."


"You'll be fine, you and I are in it pretty well all the way through, start to finish. If anyone can do it, you can, Henry." She squeezed his hand. "We were made to do this, darling, fate has brought us to—"


"No, that's not exactly right, Aud, YOU are there because Madge Allnut was caught shop-lifting a Kindle Fire, which was found in her shopping bag when she went through the scanner at the Asda exit. Her court case comes up in a fortnight. Meanwhile, Reg Mellow, who usually plays most of the male lead roles, came out in a debilitating rash because of some allergic reaction, so I wasn't the first choice either."


"There you go, several fingers of fate have d...

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Tony Spencer
May 30 2020

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