Small waves

So yesterday was fun, finally got round to ordering a new microwave. The old one had been like a friend to me, I'm not sure exactly what happened to it but one of the kids clearly wasn't present on the day we discussed the difference between clingfilm and tin foil.

As is the norm with online shopping these days I entered my details into the form, name, address, age, shoe size, payment details, addresses for the last 20 years, inside leg measurement of my favourite aunt and a short essay on animal husbandry. 


I got 8/10 for my essay which meant I was allowed to give them my money and later I received the confirmation that it was in the store, I was so excited, a bit of wee came out. 

As this was Argos in a big Sainsburys, I suspect they'd had it in stock all day but wanted to ensure I joined the biggest queue in the world.


There was a very stressed mum in the queue whose young son was doing the cross legged dance that all parents know.

After a short conversation in which she shouted angrily whilst maintaining a whisper, the boy half ran half skipped to a nearby bush.

To my bemusement, 3 other kids, 2 blokes and 1 woman followed in quick successio...

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David Sargent
May 27 2020

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