Cheese and Clicks

Carol sniffed and sighed as the gleaming black car pulled away to the sound of rattling cans and shouts of good luck. At last she could relax following her best friend Eve's departure on her honeymoon.


'Perhaps I can change into something more comfortable than this flouncy purple monstrosity of a dress,' she thought. 'Maybe enjoy a drink, perhaps a dance or two, relax a little and then go to bed. I am that tired, that I might even have a little bit of a cry and release all this pent-up emotion.' Those were her simple plans for the rest of the night.


"Hold that pose!"


Carol shook herself out of her malaise to identify where the insistent voice came from, slightly ahead and to her right.


'Oh no!' she thought with irritation, 'It's that damned photographer! Not the main one, no, she was a charming and chatty middle-aged woman, who had gone home hours ago. She had been professional and quite lovely. No, it was her annoyingly silent baby-faced assistant, who had accompanied the groom getting ready in the morning like an eager cub scout and then took lots of creepy, sneaky, impromptu shots at the meal and the dance afterwards.'



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Tony Spencer
May 25 2020

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