Robin Yellow Breast



One day, Mrs Blue Tit noticed that one of her fledglings kept sneezing.

'Oh dear,' she thought, I hope he hasn’t caught a cold or flu.'

"What's wrong, Robbie?" she asked as she put a wing around the little bird's shoulders, although it was a bit of a stretch as Robbie was much bigger than all his eight brothers and sisters.

"No, Mummy, I'm fine," Robbie replied, although his voice sounded really sad. "Well, no, I'm not fine really, Mummy. I don’t know what's wrong with me, but all my siblings have yellow breasts and my breast was a boring brown but now it is starting to go red. Our cousins from the wood were making fun of my red breast, so I tried to dust my chest with daisy pollen, but the dust got up my nose and made me sneeze."

"Oh Robbie, you poor dear," clucked Mrs Blue Tit. "Let's fly back to our nest, it’s time your Daddy and me gave you The Talk. We knew it would come one day, and it looks like today's the day."

"Er, Mum, I really struggled to get out of the opening in the nest this morning. I'm not sure if I can get back in. I'm so fat and ugly, no wonder my cousins hate me and made fun of me."

"They don’t hate you Rob...

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Tony Spencer
May 24 2020

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