You are my ALL

You’re my first born child and will always be,

Everything I wanted a daughter to be.

Our spirits were connected right from the start,

We never felt comfortable being apart.

When I thought of you, you’d awake from your sleep.

The love I have for you runs deep.

But it was difficult to cope with my illness you see,

I could never be the mother I wanted to be.

I thought and said and did some bad things,

When I think back, that time still stings.

You are now an amazing child of six,

And being your mother still gives me my kicks.

I still do and say some things that aren’t good.

I should do better, I know I should.

Your unconditional love warms my entire heart,

And I couldn’t bear the thought of us being apart.

You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen,

They’re warm and smouldering, they shine and beam.

Your laugh is such fun and you love to sing,

You dance and do sport and try everything.

You’re sensitive and pretty and girlie too,

You’re clever and like to see something through.

Your beautiful long hair, wavy ...

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Tracy Windross
May 23 2020

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