The Unknown

I cried today!

I cried so much in hope that it would all just go away.

All the pain, all the grief, the sadness and the disbelief.

Why me again?  What have I done to deserve this pain!


I cried today!

I cried about those moments when I wished it had just gone away.

I feel guilt, I feel fear as I shed yet another tear.

I didn’t mean those things I thought.  I simply needed more support.


I cried today!

I cried about the choice I have to make, and want it to just go away.

What should I do? Which way should I turn? I need to be strong and I need to be firm.

What right have I to make this choice, the child itself should have a voice.


I cried today!

I cried about something we don’t yet know,

If we’ll cope with the guilt and woe.

How we’ll feel if everything’s fine,

Or if we’re told its just a matter of time.

How will we live with the lie that we’ll tell?

Or will we be told the child is well.

Will we forget this in time, either way?

Could it be, all our lives, our emotions will pay!

I don’t thi...

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Tracy Windross
May 23 2020

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Oh my goodness! This is absolutely beautiful! You should be very proud of your talent!

Lily Larkin
May 24 2020