To Err is Human

I tried a day of silence, to see if I could cope.

To see if I could calm the mind and give myself more scope.

But after just an hour I really had not hope,

Forgot that I have tinnitus, I’m such a bloody dope.


The ringing in my ears is set at such a pitch.

If I could turn it into music, I really would be rich.

The constant noise inside my head makes my body twitch.

Added to my list of faults, it’s just another glitch.


If only I had thought ahead, a personal forecaster.

The moment I had set aside would be less of a disaster.

Must remember all the faults I have, but try and do it faster.

I should have known that peace, for me, is difficult to master.


I find my calm in chaos, and enjoy my hectic mind.

I guess silence is not for me, it’s not how I’m designed.

I need to have the torment and the silence intertwined.

We’re all so very different, but that’s simply humankind.



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Tracy Windross
May 23 2020

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