The Peddler’s Curse

The peddler was a small man with a thick white beard. He had tan, wrinkled skin and ragged brown and grey clothes. The sole’s of his boots were beginning to peel and his thin jacket had holes in the pockets.

His wife was descending from their wagon with a small wicker basket filled with boxes of matches, other cheap gold and silver trinkets and ribbon’s as red as blood.

“That’s nearly the last of our things.” She whispered to him as she hands him the basket, “Next we’ll be selling the old boy.” And she turned to look at the old collie dog laying by the wheels of the wagon, whose ears pricked up as they started their conversation.

“Don’t you worry my old mucker!” Said the peddler, “You’ll be with us til your last breath!” The collie dog wagged his tail and with great pain and effort raised to his feet and limped the few steps to his owner. The peddler bent down and scratched behind the old dogs ears.

“We should be thinkin’ about gettin’ a new dog. One who can actually catch rabbits before we starve to death!” Snapped his wife before returning inside their barren wagon.

“Look! Look!” Exclaimed the peddler’s children. He turned to see that his young daughter and son had set up the ...

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Lily Larkin
May 23 2020

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