What's Your Beef?

Francesca stood on her third floor balcony overlooking the Seine and decided to accept the Canal+ offer: her own cooking show on French TV, in English, at twice the fee she commanded in England. She had come a long way.

Three months earlier she had arrived in Paris with one suitcase of clothes, a second suitcase of kitchen gadgetry, and the lease paperwork for a one bedroom apartment in Saint Michel. While she was well known at home in England there was almost no chance of being recognized here. The pilot episode for her cooking show had been aired on France Télévisions but viewing figures had been so low that the series had not been picked up. Providing she avoided tourist attractions she could probably spend a few months here completely unnoticed.  Having just completed filming for her latest series back home, Francesca was ready for a prolonged break. She was looking forward to recharging her batteries and rediscovering her love of cooking.

She had been here for a week and had already scouted the local markets, bringing home new and exciting ingredients each time.  She had planned to develop an entire range of new menus to be published in a weighty coffee table book: each recipe would be accompa...

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Katherine Horejsi
May 21 2020

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