Eve's Choice

"Your place or mine?"

Adam's confident smile danced on his lips, one arched eyebrow enquiringly higher than the other.

Eve thought the tall, blond, blue-eyed Adam was heaven-blessed with looks, the most attractive man here, except the distinguished-looking gentleman she had abandoned near the entrance. She loved Alan unreservedly, always would, but if free to choose any lover within this crowded ballroom, Adam would be her choice.

She had waited for Adam's move since rejoining their table next to the heaving dance floor. They faced each other, her knees together, his enveloping her slim thighs. They were comfortable together and exhilarated, completely oblivious of their busy surroundings. They spoke briefly, breathlessly of the day, the celebration each had taken full joyous part in.

For two magical hours earlier, Eve and Adam had sat together by prior arrangement for the celebration meal, thighs touching, absorbing each other's warmth, stoking their mutual desires. They had touched under that trestle table, conscious of possible discovery, stroking, caressing, sending strings of tantalising tingles up spines as fingers felt bare or thinly-clad flesh. They even snatched hasty kisses. Mea...

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Tony Spencer
May 21 2020

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