The White Lady

The light blacks out from the tower of Redhall Manor, once, twice, three times and I smile, slowly slipping out from beneath the blankets of my bed in the gate-house.

I pull on my simple white dress and best boots, lacing them up...

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Lily Larkin
May 18 2020

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What a really well penned story,like others I've always known the fable of the white lady and this brings it to real life,you're almost living it as you read it! Very well done,loved it and looking forward to more!

Paddy Haveron
Jul 8 2020

Very well written Lily. A truly enjoyable read.

Lorna Johnston
Jul 7 2020

Gripping! It made me go cold. I absolutely loved it.

Rod Webb
Jun 28 2020

That was so well written. You had me captured in the first few lines. Well done!

Karen Loughridge
Jun 22 2020

A very powerful piece of writing which gives me the chills!

Paul Sterlini
Jun 20 2020

I always been aware of the myth of the White Lady in Red Hall and this intriguing fictional account brings the story to life for me.

Joan McCullough
Jun 17 2020

Well written and enjoyable story.

Tony Spencer
May 30 2020

A well written short story. I really enjoyed finally hearing the tale of the white lady.
A good read.

Dee McCrea
May 23 2020

I really enjoyed this and love your style of writing.

Tracy Windross
May 18 2020