How sweet you are to me, no wonder I'm enraptured,

How long ago the day when my innocence was captured,

A passion was unleashed that lowered my resistance,

And, ever since, I've utterly refused to keep my distance.


I'm powerless and weak when confronted with your charms,

And the thought of being without you fills me with alarm,

And yet I feel it's wrong to desire you in this way,

My heart was burning wildly when we met the other day.


Oh, sweetness, don't you know that you're always on my mind,

But it surely isn't right for me to want you all the time,

In fact I know inside that it must go on no longer,

And though today I can't resist, tomorrow I'll be stronger.


I'll learn to turn away from you whenever you're around,

And you won't be much affected, for your lovers do abound,

Then cake and cream and chocolate, and all that tastes as sweet,

I will no longer need you, to make my day complete.


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Helen Reed
May 12 2020

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