Bobby Bumble & the Glee Bees

The Queen Bee pushed her way to the door of the hive.

"Hey what's crackin' crew?" she asked of the worker bees at the entrance, "I’m only called to the crib door when there's a rumble."

"Hey, Queenie," greeted a worker bee just inside the entrance, "We've a rumble with a bumble bee all right. He was flying slowly around our hive, so I asked him:


'Hey big boy, whatcha doin' hangin' round our crib?'

'N-no offence, ladies,' the big bumble bee mumbled sounding nervous, 'I was just looking for some company and then I enjoyed seeing you practising your dancing on the landing strip.'

'Why?' I said back, 'you like cuttin' the rug, foo?'

'No, Miss Bee,' he replied, ‘I've never danced, all the other hives I've asked to join say I'm too big and clumsy, I only want to join a family and feel loved or at least wanted.'"


"So," the guard bee said, "I thought you should see him."

"Aw, that's so sweet, Belle, him wanting to be our homey. Move out the way I'll go meet him."

Queenie went outside the hive.

"Whoa, sugar!" she exclaimed when she saw the hovering bumblebee, "you sure is one big...

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Tony Spencer
May 10 2020

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