Childhood Spring Cleaning

The layer of dust upon the shelf is swept away, revealing the beautiful brown oak wood. The old brass clock that for years has been stuck at the same time is now replaced by a new one. 

Piles of small boxes lie upon the bed, holding wondorous old gems.

Setimental toys are taken off the shelf, replaced by new textbooks, art supplies and notebooks. They are lovingly packed into boxes, awaiting their journey to the attic. 

Old pound coins, pencil drawings and forgotten middnight poetry is discovered in back corners of the bedside cabinets. 

Underneath the bed lie scrupled letters, photos and childhood scrapbooks; mementos from holidays and rossettes from first competitions that are proudly rehung upon the wall.

The sun dances through the window and graces new paint that decorates the old walls. Bright, white and clean.

I stand back and breathe in the bedroom that still holds the memories of childhood. Never to be forgotten, just stored away to be revisited on a future rainy day. 


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Lily Larkin
May 9 2020

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Lovely writing.

Rod Webb
May 10 2020