Everyone knows of the monsters under their bed.

When the lights go out, the curtains are drawn and you're fast asleep; they crawl out from beneath your bed.

They crawl out from the shadows. From the darkness. From the places you're too scared to look, for fear of seeing them - the monsters.

They look upon your sleeping form. Trace a horrible finger no more than a breath's width above the skin on your neck and arm, causing the hair there to stand on end.

You stir and they retract, into the shadows, into the dark. But you can see their outline. Quick movements and a lamp illuminates the room.

And no one is there. 

Everything is as you left it - quiet and still.

You look around, no sign of a shadow anywhere, so you content yourself that it's your imagination. A bad dream. You switch out the light.

But you forget about the one place where there is always a shadow - underneath your bed. 

The monster crawls out from it's hiding spot and watches you fall asleep.

It crawls on it's belly to the foot of the bed. It's long, lithe fingers lift the blankets you lie beneath. The blankets that make you feel safe, protected. And it wriggles unde...

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Lily Larkin
May 9 2020

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Loved this!

Rod Webb
May 10 2020