Dreams in Isolation

Dreaming of a holiday?
Somewhere hot faraway.

Feel the heat, drink in hand,
walk across the golden sand.

Open your eyes and wake up,
then you realise you’re still stuck. 

In the house with your brood,
forever making drinks and food.

We’re not stuck just safe at home,
hiding out till the virus has gone.

I no it’s hard and driving us mental,
get some paper and a pencil.

Write things down get it off your chest.
Don’t give up do your best.

Haven’t even washed your hair.
It’s ok your going no where.

The sun is out go outdoors,
just forget about the chores.

Just close your eyes and dream away,
you’re sitting on that plane.

Surrounded by chocolate and bottles of champagne.

The only thing surrounding me is plenty, half drunk cups of tea.

But all is well no need to dwell.
We’re all in this together,

Heavens open pouring down.
Bloody British weather.


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Wendy Wilson
May 7 2020

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