Mother Nature 1

He waited in line. It was a long line that stretched behind him far into the distance and eventually out of sight around a white corner. But now he was at the front and standing before the familiar door. The light above is was red, but next time it turned green, it would be his turn. He felt suddenly excited and anxious. He hadn’t realised he was so close because he’d spent the last six months standing behind the hulk of a gorilla. A gorilla which, his nose suggested, had died from a stomach complaint.  


He wondered what she would offer him. Of course, he wasn’t guaranteed to be offered anything – it depended what sort of mood she was in. The lady a little in front of him last time had simply been allocated ‘Mayfly’ with a shrug. She’d been back in line long before he reached the front of the queue. He knew that because he’d accidentally trodden on her in the toilets.


The light turned green and the door slid noiselessly to the side, revealing a cavernous white space behind. Feeling increasingly self-conscious, he walked across the room to the reception at the far end. It was Deirdre on reception. He wasn’t entirely sure what she was, or had been, under her colossal uniform – presumabl...

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Rod Webb
Apr 6 2020

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Very enjoyable, funny, a bit of PC, political and religious satire and an expletive used as a surnames thrown in for good measure, made this an entertaining read.

Tony Spencer
Jul 18 2020

Absolutely, bloody brilliant!!!! So unexpected and an absolute delight to read!!!! Loved it!!

Lily Larkin
Jul 17 2020

Absolutely belting! I love it!

Charity Reed
Apr 10 2020